We're Different

It’s not what you know – it’s what you know, and who you know

At Edison Ives we’ve built up decades of experience and a network of specialist underwriter contacts from London to Leeds. We have access to ‘broker only’ markets, niche markets, major markets, and specialist underwriting agencies.

We’re an independent business, supporting other independent businesses

We’re a ‘different’ kind of insurance broker and we support other small and medium sized businesses wherever possible. Although commercial insurance is our specialism, we have built up a strong network of other expert businesses, who offer support from marketing to merchandise, cyber security to accounting, which we can plug you into.

We know all our customers

When you deal with Edison Ives you will get direct dials to our team. It will be the same team that arranges your quotation, your renewal and should the worst happen arrange the management of your claim. All our team have a cap on how many clients they deal with to ensure that our personal service isn’t lost.

Things you will never hear at Edison Ives

“Please hold, your call is important to us….”.

“You are number 21 in the queue. The average wait time is 27 minutes”

Quite simply we’re not a call centre, you get our direct email addresses and phone numbers.

We’re innovators

Innovation is at our core.  In fact, our name Edison Ives is in homage to Thomas Edison, and Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, the chief designer at Apple and behind many of their iconic designs. Although insurance is still a traditional sector, we develop innovative products, services and solutions to ensure our clients benefit from a great price and a great service.

We like a challenge

We’re happy to deal with companies in unusual occupations, new ventures & emerging sectors. We always aim to find an insurance solution no matter how unusual, or difficult it is source, we will work round the clock to assist.

Independent, proud and unique

We’re different and that’s the way we like it.

We’re not a call centre and we’re not an old-fashioned insurance broker. We sit in the middle… on our own.  We have embraced technology and streamlined our processes, but the business is also built on a foundation of offering great customer service.

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Our location

We are based in the thriving city of Leeds and that’s where we are staying. We are active in the local networking community which really helps with understanding other business sectors, their needs and their industry specific challenges.

Who we help

We offer the A-Z of commercial solutions, but what we really specialise is in providing insurance for unique businesses. Insurers often have a ‘one size fits all’ approach but as businesses diversify, they are often shoe horned onto the wrong policy, meaning that only part of their business is insured. Unfortunately, most business only find this out when they have a claim.

At Edison Ives we ensure that you have the right cover in place and the insurers understand what your business does. We always conduct a full insurance review to offer you peace of mind and we will work hard to try and save you money.

Your pride and joy

Are you proud of your business? Have you worked hard to get where you are? Have you overcome challenges and adversity? If so, why risk losing your pride and joy due to having the wrong insurance.

Recent research from Aviva, shows that only 1 in 5 small businesses felt that they had the right level of insurance coverage in place. In addition, they also audited several SME businesses and discovered that they were under insured by an average of £486,000. As you can see if the worst happens, those businesses will be severely out of pocket, and possibly struggle to resurrect their businesses.

It is important to understand how under insurance can affect you as insurers will normally apply the ‘average clause’ to any claim settlements. For example, if you insure your business premises for £100,000 and the real value is £200,000, you will have only insured it for 50% of the real value. If you later need to claim for damage for worth £10,000, your insurer will only pay you for the proportion of the loss that the insurer has insured – which is 50% and £5,000 in this example.

You’re at the centre of our business

We arrange your insurance as if it was for our business. When we make a decision we always consider how this will benefit you. Everything that we have created is to make sure you are protected, you receive a great service, and pay a great price for your insurance.

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Some of our Specialisms

Z Property Developer

Property Investors

We work with a number of specialist insurers and can obtain excellent cover for a great price for property investors.

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Flexible, wide ranging cover at a competitive price.

Bona Fide And Labour Only Subcontractors


Solutions for a specialist and standard retailers.

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We are here to take the insurance headache away from you.

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Trades People

We know you’re busy! We will ensure you’re covered and explain the terms and conditions in a concise manner.

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Medical Suppliers

We have a number of markets we can approach and can provide cover whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler.

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Unlimited Height/Depth

For many businesses working at height or depth is a fundamental part of your operation.

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We have a number of innovative products that we can offer flood cover and excess protection.

Our Clients Rate Us

Efficient, pleasant and cost effective

Very efficient, pleasant and cost effective service from Tony Suryavansi.

David Simpson
Excellent service

Always an excellent service, super helpful, friendly and professional.

Chipp Coffee Co.
Incredibly helpful and supportive

I have to say that Tony Suryavansi from Edison Ives not only gave us the lowest quote for the insurance on the building in which our flats are located but also was incredibly helpful and supportive. So there was no question that we would choose the insurance he proposed and we look forward to working with him again next year,

John O'Sullivan