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At Edison Ives we offer a wide spectrum of insurance products tailored to you. We offer standard, specialist and new insurance products to ensure you are protected. Insurance markets can be difficult to access and utilising a specialist broker is essential to ensure you have the right cover for you at the right price.

Here are just a few of the insurance products (cover) we can access and a brief description.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption insurance protects against business income losses resulting from the interruption or interference as a result of an insured peril.

The main benefit of Business Interruption is that it helps to limit the effect that reduced levels of income can have on a business following a loss. This cover will pay for the loss of income and continuing costs at a time when turnover is reduced.


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Commercial Combined

Commercial Combined Insurance is a comprehensive business insurance policy that brings together a number of insurance elements and provides cover all in one place with one insurer. Most small to medium businesses will fit onto a Commercial Combined policy.

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides cover for vans and business cars. This type of policy is rated per vehicle and is ideal if you have one or possibly two commercial vehicles.

Contractors Combined

A Contractors Combined Insurance policy brings together a number of insurance elements and provides cover for you in one place. Most small to medium contractors will fit onto a Contractors Combined policy.

Employers Liability

Employers Liability insurance covers you against the cost of compensation following a claim arising from an employee illness or injury as a result of their work for you.It is a legal requirement that all businesses, that employ people, have Employers Liability insurance. £5m is the minimum level of cover that is required although most insurers now offer £10m as standard.

Fleet Excess Protection

We offer a specialist fleet excess protection insurance product that offers protection for up to 30 vehicles meaning you can say goodbye to excess payments. All you do is select an aggregate limit and you are covered up until that is breached, subject to terms which we can explain. The policy pays as soon as your primary excess has been settled and all you have to do is provide us with the receipt and then your policy will refund that payment. This is a great way to mitigate your financial exposure on your fleet and have a fixed annual premium. This product is extremely competitively priced and we urge all fleet customers to take out this policy.

Goods in Transit Insurance

This covers goods against loss or damage while in your vehicle or when sent by a third-party carrier. This should include theft, loss and accidental damage. Although you may hiring a company to transport your goods their insurance is a set amount by volume and this doesn’t change whether they’re transporting smart phones or tennis balls. Therefore, you may need your own cover to ensure you aren’t out-of-pocket.

Intellectual Property Insurance

For many businesses their image, their brand, their uniqueness is their value. Therefore it’s imperative to protect copyrights, trademarks, patents, design work, art, software coding and so on. Intellectual property insurance covers the pursuit of intellectual property infringement claims. It also covers the defence costs should you infringe on someone’s intellectual property which can be easily done as a company grows and a company has more employees.

Motor Fleets

We can cover fleets from 2-20 vehicles using our exclusive Motor Fleet Insurance options. We can cover vans, HGVs, minibuses and company cars. This can be a cost effective way to manage your fleet once you have accrued your Confirmed Claims Experience (CCE).

Office Insurance

Office Insurance covers your premises, contents, business interruption and if required/requested equipment breakdown. These package policies are a cost effective solution and provide all the business insurance you require under one policy.

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Plant and Business Equipment

This covers your plant and business equipment. It can also cover your legal liability under terms of the hiring agreement to pay for loss or damage caused to hired-in plant and the cost of continuing hire charges.

Pollution and Contamination Insurance

Since 2000 the Environment Agency has brought over 20,000 prosecutions and set direct fines totalling £40m. Standard cover in a package or commercial combined isn’t sufficient for many companies and if you have a business that could pollute i.e. petrol station, car wash, oil distributor, chemical transportation and so on so you will need a specialist policy. If you do have this cover then you will be liable for clean up costs and any remediation work that is required.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance covers you against injury or damage caused by your product. Essential cover for anyone making or selling products.


Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a policy that protects you if it is alleged that you have provided incorrect advise, services or design work. It provides cover for legal costs, defence expenses, as well as compensation payable to rectify mistakes and errors.


Property Owners

Property Owners Insurance provides specialist cover for the owners of property portfolios. The properties need to be owned but not occupied by the investor. We offer solutions for residential, commercial or mixed property portfolios.

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance covers compensation payments and legal costs should a member of the public take legal action against you because they have been injured, or their property has been damaged.

Public Liability insurance isn’t a mandatory policy but we advise that any business that interacts with the general public has this cover. The majority of claims come from trips and slips so if anyone visits your premises in any capacity then it is prudent that you have this cover.

It is up to you (although we can advise) as to what level of cover is required but we can offer cover from £1m to £20m.

Retail Package

We are specialists in Retail and Shop Insurance, and insure many retailers from ‘corner shops’ to specialist retailers. These package policies are a cost effective solution and offer all the business insurance you require in one competitively priced policy. Policy coverage varies between insurers so it is important to match the right product to the right retailer.

Any questions? Please get in touch to discuss any insurance products.

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