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Welcome to the Edison Ives Insurance Blog library

We like to keep business owners across the UK updated and informed on all things insurance. These blogs are available for you 24/7, and can be shared or saved. We will also respond to all comments.

We want to demystify insurance, so we use plain English, and examples where possible, to make the information accessible. If you would like a particular subject covering please Contact Us and we will do our best to deliver the insurance blog you require.

At Edison Ives we are a different kind of insurance broker. We offer the perfect blend of services and solutions to leave customers delighted. We’re not a call centre and we’re not an old fashioned insurance broker. We sit in the middle, on our own.

If you are interested in us providing a bespoke insurance blog for your business (or clients) please contact Ged Hickey on 0113 390 4646.

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