Here Comes the Sun

Make Sure Your Business Is Prepared For The Summer

Here is our quick ‘here comes the sun’ blog that contains some of the key factors businesses should be aware of this time of year. We’ll look at some of the common risks the summer months can throw up, such as sun exposure for outdoor workers, and the dangers associated with seasonal fires. As ever the right business insurance is essential to ensure you are protected.

Understanding the seasonal risk

Summer can be a hectic busy period for many businesses, often combining increased activity with fewer staff as employees take holidays. Seasonal fluctuations are a factor for most businesses. It’s important to understand the peaks and troughs within your own business cycle, and the differing impact incidents can have, depending on the time of year at which they occur. For example, for a fashion company, losing a shipment of seasonal stock at the start of the summer could be catastrophic, as there will be little prospect of the specialist partners having the time or capacity to manufacture replacements.

Plus, not only could it see the business lose the majority its income, but such a setback could impact their ability to get shelf space with buyers next summer, as the gap will have been filled by a competitor. On the other hand, were seasonal stock to be lost at the tail end of the season, it would have a very minimal effect. The right business insurance will be bespoke to you and react to your seasonal trends.

Summer can be a hectic busy period for many businesses, often combining increased activity with fewer staff as employees take holidays.

The risk of summer fires

From long dry spells, to weekend BBQs, carelessly discarded cigarette butts to glass-magnified sun rays on dry grassland – the summer months bring some unique situations which can lead to fire. You might have equipment which operates in direct sunlight. The elevated summer temperatures mean the equipment needs to work harder to stay cool, reducing efficiency and boosting the risk of fire.

What’s more, decreased water levels can lead to fewer supplies for firefighting. Arson is also more prevalent in the summer months. As you can see, the conditions resulting from prolonged hot periods and the summer months can create highly flammable circumstances. As ever having the right business insurance in place is essential.

Smoke contamination

The after effects of even the smallest fire can be seen in the form of smoke contamination. Smoke damage causes corrosion, discolouration and lingering odour – all of which can be expensive and time-consuming to deal with, having a significant effect on:

• fixtures, floor coverings, wall coverings and ceiling tiles

• floor and ceiling voids and associated data and power systems

• electrical fittings, electrical contacts and switchgear

• IT equipment

• any products or packing materials in your supply chain, finished goods, raw materials and in-process stock.

Because smoke is so easily transmitted, the area affected by a fire is often significantly larger than you first think and can compromise the running of your business for much longer than you’d expect.

Summer sun

This type of insurance provides coverage if any products or services offered at your gym cause bodily injury or property damage. The longer, sunnier days we see in the summer have a dark side – namely the dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation from the sun – the main cause of skin cancer.

A few startling facts:

• people who work outdoors are exposed to almost ten times the level of ultraviolet rays

• five people every day are diagnosed with skin cancer caused by working in the sun

• up to 60 people a year die from skin cancer contracted after working outside without proper protection.

All of this can be avoided by making sure you and your employees are fully aware of the dangers, as well as the precautions you can take. In addition, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) have put together some great packs to educate and remind your staff of the danger they face.

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