Bar Insurance – What Kind Do I Need And How Much Will It Cost?

What Kind Of Bar Insurance Do I Need?

As a business that deals with the public on a regular basis, there are certain bar insurance options that are essential for your business. Please read on to find out more.

Public Liability Insurance

Firstly, Public liability insurance is a must have for any public facing business. It covers any legal costs that may arise after injury or property damage whilst on your business premises.  

As bars are busy public areas with a high risk of trips and falls, Public Liability Insurance is essential.

Employers Liability Insurance

Another aspect of bar insurance is Employers Liability Insurance. It is similar to Public Liability Insurance, however it covers employer costs for any claim by employees if an injury occurs as a result of their work for you. This is essential if you employ at least one member of staff, even if they are casual, temporary or volunteers.

Business Building Insurance

Do you own the building your bar is in? If yes, you will need Business Building Insurance. This is also an important aspect of bar insurance UK. It covers your expenses if your premises suffer damage due to events like theft, fire or flood.

Specialist Coverage

You may also need specialist insurance. Often bars, pubs and nightclubs provide entertainment such as live music, special effects or specialist equipment. Whatever it is that makes your bar unique, you must ensure to carry out a health and safety assessment and get the right bar or wine bar insurance for your business.  

Whatever makes your bar unique, make sure you are covered in the event of accident, damage or injury.

Alcohol Licensing

A consequence of misconduct by customers or staff can result in your alcohol license being temporarily or permanently removed. Your insurance can cover any profit loss your bar could suffer from such drastic events. 

What About Mobile Bar Insurance?

You will still need the above insurance if you are dealing with members of the public and employ staff. It is important to consider that your alcohol licence can be costly to set up and you can be competing with those who already have a licence. You may also need to apply for Temporary or Event Licensing too. Need a hand with your mobile bar insurance? Check out the NCASS for more information or contact us.

How Much Does Bar Insurance Cost?

Your bar insurance quote may be higher than it needs to be. This is why we value and review each business as an individual. We tailor your insurance options to your unique business circumstances. This ensures you have the right cover and never pay more than you need to. For your free quote, get in touch today.

Is Your Bar Insurance Cost Right For Your Business? 

Your insurance must be affordable but still provide you, your staff and customers with adequate cover. As many bar owners will know, the right insurance is essential in a fast-paced industry that serves alcohol and specialises in late night openings.

Why Edison Ives?

At Edison Ives, we pride ourselves on being unique; we aren’t a traditional insurance broker or impersonal call centre. We love to provide small, medium and unique businesses with UK leading standards of customer service. Edison Ives blend expert service with the latest technology to provide you with the right insurance, tailored to you. 

We specialise in:

  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Legal expenses
  • Specialist cover

For a free, no obligation bar insurance quote, get in touch today.

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