Amusement Arcade Insurance

You need unique and tailored amusement arcade insurance to ensure you are covered correctly. It is important to insure your business for the likes of public liability and employers’ liability, as well as insuring the arcade machines.

Any business operating within your sector will need specific amusement arcade insurance. A standard insurance package may not cover you correctly. A specialist insurance package will ensure you are protected.

We are specialists in amusement arcade insurance. We can help arcades of all sizes and capacities get the right insurance. At a great price. Edison Ives ensure your policy is sourced at the best price possible for the right cover.

If you own or run an amusement arcade and are looking for insurance, our team will work with you to ensure you have insurance in place. Contact Edison Ives Insurance Solutions today. Or complete our quotation form below.

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Amusement Arcade Insurance

Property exposure

The main exposure is from the electrical wiring and from equipment failure. Therefore, all electrical wiring must be checked and be adequate for the operation. In addition concerns may result from vandalism to the arcade machines.

Your exposure is increased due to your long operating hours. If you have any virtual reality machines they should be placed where workers can supervise activities to minimise risk.

Premises liability exposure

Your liability risk is high. This is due to the number of visitors to the premises. It is also high because of the high level of children at the premises. Trips, slips, and falls are high concerns. Therefore, adequate lighting, marking of exits and egress are important. Steps should have rails.

Premises should be well-lit, marked, and in good repair. In addition, security is important with younger customers. Background checks, including criminal records, should be conducted on all employees.

Employers’ liability exposure

Workers may be incur electrical shocks or burns, hernias or back sprains from lifting, or slips and falls. Security or attendants may be injured by unruly customers.

Also it can be higher risk due to the maintenance and repair of the machinery and the cleaning or maintenance of the premises.

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Specialists in Amusement Arcade Insurance

We help arcades of all sizes and capacities get the right insurance for their individual and unique needs.

Above all, if you are looking for insurance, our team will work with you to ensure you have insurance in place that will protect your business, customers, staff and assets, in case something goes wrong.

In addition, our tailed insurance can include the following cover:

Dedicated account manager

Above all if you choose to partner with us as your amusement arcade insurance specialist, your business will benefit from having a dedicated contact. Your account manager will take care of your bespoke needs, from the initial discussion about your concerns and requirements, to arranging a quotation and renewals.

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