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Bakery Insurance

If you are a bakery owner you know how difficult it is to source the right bakery insurance at the right price. It can be a pain staking task as you call round, answering question after question, before either getting a sky-high quote, or no quote at all. At Edison Ives we understand your industry and we know the right markets to go to, meaning you get a quote quickly, and at a competitive price.

All our policies are tailored to your unique needs, and we can assist start-ups, sole traders, or large Limited companies. We have a range of specialist insurers and great relationships, so we are confident we can arrange the right policy for you. Call today on 0113 3904646.

Threats to Your Business

As a bakery owner you are exposed to potential legal action. Whether that is personal injury such as slips and trips, property damage to the bakery, or injury to employees. These claims can be extremely high and without the right insurance can leave you in trouble. The right policy is there to protect you. It is important to note that even an allegation can incur significant costs to defend. Without the right cover you will be left to foot the bill.

It is vital to realise that Insurance isn’t just about price. We want to make sure that if an insurance claim arises you are protected. Throughout the process you will have our direct contact details so that we are on hand to help. For more info email Edison Ives.

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Bakery Safety Advice

Staying safe in the kitchen

Working in a bakery exposes you to many dangers while preparing those tempting treats. Here are some ways to mix in a little safety while baking to avoid potential hazards:

  • Stack baking materials neatly to keep passageways and prep areas free of clutter.
  • If you spill dough, batter or dry ingredients, clean up the mess immediately to avoid creating a slipping hazard. Post signs that indicate a wet floor until the area is dry. If you spill oil or grease, use a degreasing solution to clean it up.
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes for a good grip even while you work on slippery surfaces.
  • Watch out for moving blades, mixing arms and conveyors on baking equipment.
  • Keep a safe distance between your body and machinery.
  • Always use machine guards, such as power interlocks, two-handed controls and emergency-stop bars.
  • Exercise caution around both gas and electric heat sources in the kitchen. To reduce your risk of injury, turn off and unplug appliances when they are not in use and control grease and oil buildup in doughnut machines and fryers with ventilation hoods and fire extinguishing systems.
  • Wear oven gloves when handling hot trays and pots, as boiling water, hot oil and hot ingredients can scald you. If you do suffer a burn, run the affected area under cool water and wrap it loosely with sterile dressing. If you suffer a major burn, call 999 immediately.
  • Control dust by placing flour in enclosed storage containers near an adequate ventilation source. Dust flour can actually cause asthma, as well as nose, throat and eye irritation. If you cannot control flour dust, consider wearing a dust mask.
  • Use proper lifting techniques when handling heavy ingredients, food trays and mixing bowls. Poor lifting can lead to neck, back and muscle injuries. If you use a trolley to assist you in carrying these objects, make sure it is secure before attempting to move it.

A Little Bit About Us

Getting a quote from Edison Ives

To source the bakery insurance quotation, we just need to understand a bit more about you and your bakery. We will then go about obtaining quotes, and then provide you with the best solution. In addition, we won’t just source insurance, we are there to act as your business insurance consultant, and support your business where possible. If you are happy with the quote you can pay there and then, via BACS or by taking out instalments and spreading the payments out over 6 or 10 monthly payments.

Who are Edison Ives?

At Edison Ives we’ve built up decades of experience and a network of bakery insurance underwriter contacts. We have access to ‘broker only’ markets, niche markets, major markets, and specialist underwriting agencies. As we’re 100% independent we can to the market that we feel is best for you.

We’re an independent business, supporting other small businesses. We’re a ‘different’ kind of insurance broker and we passionately support other small and medium sized businesses. We protect your business as if it was our own.

When you deal with Edison Ives you will get a dedicated account manager and handler. These will be the same people that arrange your quotation, speak to you at renewal and should the worst happen co-manage your claim. All our team have a cap on how many clients they deal with to ensure that that personal service is never lost.

To discuss your insurance needs please call today on 0113 3904646, or visit our Contact Us page. We are proud members of the British Insurance Brokers Association and one of their specialist brokers for difficult risks.

Our Clients Rate Us

Over the Moon

I was referred to Edison Ives by the British Insurance Brokers Association and Tony was able to find an insurer that reduced my landlord cover from over £1300 to £495. I was over the moon and Tony made it all easy and straightforward. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Marcus Whawell Landlord
Right to Manage Insurance

As leaseholders we took the rights to manage our own flats. Not knowing anything about what needs to be done, Edison Ives (Tony) was of very good advice and guidance in taking out a building insurance for our flats. Clearly the personalised and trustworthy approach made us decide to work with them (as well as the money they made us save). I would highly recommend them to anyone taking on their rights to manage! Thanks.

Leib Nicholas Right to Manage Leaseholder
Solved the problem at a good price

I had a lot of problems trying to insure my rental new build flat, these guys were very courteous and solved the problem for me at a good price.

Sam W Property Owner
Absolutely Five Star!

I found Edison Ives while searching for home insurance which would provide cover for a house which shares the property with a home-based boarding kennel business. Tony was able to find me a very competitive package, and walked me through the whole process step by step. Tony could not have done more to help me, and for a new-start business his help and advice was invaluable. Absolutely Five Star!

Sarah Grint Boarding Kennel Owner
Exceptional Service

Customer service exceptional. Thanks to Edison Ives we got a competitive price for our block of flats insurance. Following that we had a claim and Ged helped us with this from start to finish. I would highly recommend.

Bridget McKinnon Property Owner
Really very helpful

Really very helpful. After having a claim in 2016, our premiums were extremely high. Edison Ives have found us a higher policy at a cheaper rate that our previous insurers.

Anonymous Fish & Chip Shop Owner
Who knew insurance could be fun?!

Ged gave me comprehensive advice in simple English and I now feel reassured that I have the right cover at the right price. He understands me and my business and is a joy to deal with. Who knew insurance could be fun?!

Ellan Campbell-Swann Owner - PR and Events Agency
Easy to deal with and professional

Very easy to deal with and very professional. So much better than dealing with the massive impersonal call centres, and Edison Ives still came back with a better premium. As with all insurance, it's not the buying but the claims process that's important. I get the feeling that should a claim be necessary they will do everything possible to support.

T.J. Property Owner - Residents Association Chair
A Trusted Insurance Partner

As the Director and owner of Edmonds Recruitment, it was essential to me to be able to find a trusted insurance partner to help me find the right Business Insurance that worked for me and my industry. I highly recommend using Edison Ives and specifically Tony Suryavansi. He will take the time to listen and answer any questions you may have about your policy and should you need him in the future, Tony makes himself readily available for ongoing advice.

Kath Edmonds Recruitment Director
Saved me £100s

Excellent service. They saved me 100s of pounds on my building insurance policy!

Harjoth Sekhon Property Developer
Really impressed

I was really impressed with Edison Ives. They bent over backwards to arrange our business insurance. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were a pleasure to deal with.

Richard Gould Property Investor
Really Helpful

I can highly recommend Edison Ives. They have got me a really good price on my restaurant insurance and been really helpful throughout. Thanks a lot, I'll be moving all my insurance to them this year.

Tom Restaurant Owner
Made it simple

I find insurance documents long, complex and full of jargon. Thankfully Edison Ives' picked out the key points and communicated them clearly.

Amarjit Builders merchants

I had been with my broker for a number of years and I never realised I was paying more than I needed to. Edison Ives went through my existing policy, highlighted that I was under insured, and then they managed to source a new package that provided a lot more cover at a similar price.

Cieran Surveyor