Perceived High Risk

Often businesses are perceived as high risk even though they have excellent health and safety records and measures in place. We work with businesses to fully understand their sector so that we can approach the insurers and present the risk in a clear and factual manner.

For example, a rope access technician will be classed as a high risk business to insurers. As your broker we will work with you to find out more about the risk, i.e. what is in place to prevent accidents, what is your claims history, what are the wider risks across the sector, what health and safety measures are in place? Often these insights are the difference between obtaining cover and getting a decline.

Gun retailers will worry an insurer instantly. When you find out more about the sector you realise that visitors are appointment only, details are taken in advance, and no ammunition is kept on site. The premises are reinforced steel, the guns are secured by metal cord and alarmed, they have police response alarms, and use a specialist contractor for the transportation t of the guns When you know and present the information to the right specialist insurer you can see how they will now view the risk differently. Only by delving deep into these sectors can you obtain the information required to obtain competitive terms.

About Edison Ives

We are an innovative insurance brokerage that places our customers’ needs firmly at our core. We are committed to helping customers who require high risk sectors insurance. We provide a great service, utilising the latest technologies, and keeping our overheads low. Why? Well, we want to provide our customers with the most competitive price possible for the right cover. Simple.

We love working with like minded businesses that are independent, proud and unique. We are a one-stop-shop for people looking to minimise the risks to their businesses and assets.

We are also proud members of Hedron Network, who support and represent a collection of like minded independent insurance brokerages across the UK. By collaborating with the Network, we have the buying power to give our customers great products at  great prices.

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