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As insurance experts we deal with businesses in unusual occupations, new ventures, companies with previous claims issues, emerging sectors, companies with a high cyber/crime exposure and customers who have been declined insurance, or had insurance cancelled to name a few. We spend time to really get to know our clients and understand their insurance needs, so we can select the right insurance product/s for them at the right price.

At Edison Ives we are also committed to keeping our customers informed with the latest advice to ensure they are fully informed. Please Click Here to visit our Knowledge Centre.

Cancelled Insurance

If your insurance has ever been cancelled you will need to declare this whenever you purchase cover in the future. Unfortunately, once you’ve had a cancellation it is often an automatic decline for mainstream insurers, and those who do quote often apply a large increase to your premium.

The best way to deal with a cancellation is to work with us and be completely honest. It is important to note that whilst convictions can be spent, cancellations can’t so you will always have to declare them. We would advise that you work closely with us so we present your business in a positive light, and demonstrate that you have addressed the issue/s that caused the cancellation.

Cancellations can occur for a number of reasons but in our experience it usually distils into three distinct areas – bad/late payment, non disclosure and fraud. We can work with you to counter all three problems. We have flexible payment terms or can take up front payments if you had payment issues. Non disclosure and fraud can be (and is) serious but we understand errors do occur and genuine mistakes can happen. We can work with you if this is the case. It is important that any of the above issues are confronted and we will work with you to get you back on track.

Construction Insurance

We know and understand the construction industry. Whether you are in charge of a small family business or a large organisation we know time will be your greatest challenge. You will be juggling sites, stock, paperwork, sub-contractors and to tight deadlines. We are here to take the insurance headache away from you.

We will ensure that you are insured correctly but also assist if a claim arises. Insurance can be a technical minefield but it’s a minefield we will help you navigate and assist you with. It can be complex but we will communicate it to you in a clear and concise format.

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Nightclub Insurance

It’s vital that your nightclub has the appropriate insurance for any eventuality. Due to the nature of the venue it is possible that accidents and incidents can occur. Therefore, it’s important that you seek the expertise of a specialist provider of nightclub insurance. This way your property, customers, staff and more are covered.

Our tailored approach to insurance means we will work closely with you, so we get to know your business and its unique requirements. This way you can ensure you have the right insurance for your nightclub.

High Risk Sectors

Often businesses are perceived as high risk even though they have excellent health and safety records and measures in place. We work with businesses to fully understand their sector so that we can approach the insurers and present the risk in a clear and factual manner.

For example, a rope access technician will be classed as a high risk business to insurers. As your broker we will work with you to find out more about the risk, i.e. what is in place to prevent accidents, what is your claims history, what are the wider risks across the sector, what health and safety measures are in place? Often these insights are the difference between obtaining cover and getting a decline.

Tradesperson Insurance

We will ensure you are covered correctly and explain the terms and conditions of your insurance cover in a clear ‘no nonsense’ manner. There are many pitfalls to avoid and jargon to decipher so using an expert broker is important to ensure you are covered correctly.

You may wish to obtain a cheap online, but a cheap online quote for a policy that doesn’t cover you correctly could end up being a costly mistake. As a professional broker we will source you the right cover at the right price and offer you peace of mind.

Refused or Declined Insurance

Finding competitive, specialist insurance cover for unique businesses is what we do best.

Often businesses struggle to obtain insurance simply because the insurer doesn’t fully understand a business or business sector. We work hard to ensure we understand your business and therefore can present this information to the insurers in a clear and concise manor.

We specialise in finding cover for businesses that struggle to find insurance at competitive terms. We have in-depth knowledge of the insurance market and know the appetite of each insurer to ensure we approach the right underwriters, with the right information.

Work at Height

For many businesses working at height is a fundamental part of your operation. Therefore, it is essential that your policy has the right height limits, or no limits, to ensure you are covered correctly.

A cheap online quote with with height limits that you exceed is worthless should a claim arise, which could leave you severely out of pocket.

Vape Retailers

If you are a retailer and you sell e-liquids or vape kits, then the chances are that you aren’t insured correctly as this stock is commonly excluded from a standard shop package.

We have a number of markets that are comfortable with you stocking those items and can ensure you are insured correctly. We also have markets for Vape Retailers and can offer a competitive solution.

Forecourt Insurance

We have a number of specialist markets offering Forecourt Insurance that is flexible, with wide ranging cover and at a competitive price.

We include as standard cover for canopies, pumps, pole signs, underground pipes and tanks. Trace and access for fuel leaks, the contents of tanks, pollution and contamination.

Flood Affected

We have access to a number of innovative products that means we can offer flood terms on 99% of small businesses who have been affected by flood or are in a flood zone.

We will endeavour to come up with innovative solutions, whether this been approaching insurers with the most accurate flood mapping, to asking insurers to provide a high flood excess which we can then insure to give you full flood insurance.

Medical Equipment

The medical equipment sector has traditionally been a difficult sector to obtain insurance due to the specialist nature and perceived high risk. At Edison Ives we have a number of markets we can approach and can provide cover whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler.

Finding competitive insurance can be difficult but we will work closely with you to understand the processes you have in place to mitigate risk and present this information clearly to the right specialist insurers.

Property Owners

We have access to a wide panel of insurers meaning we can source you a number of competitive quotes. We are not an insurance call centre so you will only deal with the same small team every time you call Edison Ives.

We have solutions for – multi tenancy, student lets, commercial lets, unoccupied properties and properties with local authority tenants. At Edison Ives  we specialise in providing landlord insurance quotes and our knowledgeable team are always happy to assist.

We can provide essential cover and bespoke cover for: Contents, Landlord Building Insurance, Legal Expenses, Property Owners Liability, Fixtures and Fittings, Glass and Lock Replacement, Theft by Tenants & Malicious Damage.

Pub Insurance

Being a landlord, bar manager or pub owner is not without its risks of customers or members of staff being injured in an accident, or the property becoming damaged. In order to ensure your pub is protected in the wake of accident or incident, it is important you take out specialist insurance.

As a landlord, bar manager or owner you aim to create a safe and secure environment for your customers and employees. Should the worst happen, and an accident occur it’s important that you have the right insurance in place. It’s always worth speaking to an insurance specialist to ensure you have the correct cover.

Facilities Management Insurance

Whether you manage commercial or residential property, it is vital you have the right insurance in place to avoid having to make expensive and potentially crippling pay outs. Dedicated facilities management insurance covers those managing commercial or residential property against a number of possibilities.

If you manage facilities, regardless of whether they are commercial or residential premises, our team of insurance specialists will find the right facilities management insurance for you, to ensure your business is fully protected.

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