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Landlord Flood Insurance

Protecting your property investment is crucial, whether you own a single property or a large portfolio. Finding reliable landlord flood insurance can be challenging, but we’re here to help. Through our specialist understanding we offer comprehensive flood insurance for commercial and residential rental properties.

Without proper landlord flood insurance coverage, you could face substantial financial losses in the event of a flood. From structural damage to loss of fixtures and fittings, the costs associated with flood recovery can be overwhelming. That’s where landlord flood insurance steps in to provide crucial protection. Call today on 0113 3904646.

Expert Landlord Flood Insurance

Our flood insurance broker has extensive experience in providing insurance solutions for at risk of flooding properties. Having lived and worked in one of the highest flood risk areas in the country, he understands the unique challenges landlords face. Call today for expert help and assistance.

This is a specialised market, so we recommend landlord property owners call to discuss their needs for flood insurance in elevated flood areas. We can discuss your requirements, ensure that the correct information is used to obtain a quote, and make our recommendations. The service is free and without obligation. For more info email Edison Ives.

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The Flood Re Scheme and Buy-to-Let Flood Insurance

The Flood Re scheme, which came into force in 2016, does not provide flood insurance for landlords. If your buy-to-let property is in an area prone to flooding, many insurance companies may decline to cover it. In fact, entering the property’s postcode can often lead to a decline. This is a specialised market, so we recommend landlords call us on to discuss their needs for buy-to-let flood insurance.

Standard and Parametric Insurance Options

We offer both standard insurance and parametric insurance options to suit your needs. Standard insurance provides traditional coverage for flood damage, while parametric insurance pays out based on predefined criteria, such as rainfall levels or river heights, offering faster claims settlement and greater certainty.

Customised Landlord Flood Insurance Policies

Every landlord is unique, so we offer flexible flood insurance policies tailored to your needs. Our coverage options include:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Loss of rent coverage
  • Legal cover
  • Landlord Home emergency cover
Buy-to-Let Flood Insurance Products

We have several landlord flood insurance products available, but not online. These may provide some cover for property in a flood area, but we cannot confirm whether we will be able to offer cover against flood or under what terms. Quotes are very postcode specific, and cover available for neighbouring postcodes can vary considerably.

To discuss your insurance needs please call today on 0113 3904646, or visit our Contact Us page.

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Specialist Flood Insurance Broker

Steps to Obtain a Quote

Establish the Flood Zone:

  • Determine which flood zone the property is situated in for planning purposes. The zones are:
  • Area 1: Very low flood risk (< 1:1000)
  • Area 2: Low flood risk (1:1000 -> 1:100)
  • Area 3(a): High flood risk (>1:100)
  • Area 3(b): Functional Flood Plain

Assess the Exact Risk:

  • Use the flood map to see the property’s exact risk, categorized as:
  • Very low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High 

Complete the Online Application Form:

Provide full information. The quote will be referred directly to one underwriter, and we will submit details to other insurers who consider property insurance for commercial properties with a potentially elevated flood risk. Additional information may be requested. Terms imposed typically include an increased excess for flood damage or exclusion of the risk.

Collaborate with Experts:

We work with leading flood risk assessors to help assess the risk and flood protection experts to help you protect your property. Their expertise ensures that your property is adequately safeguarded and that you receive the most accurate risk assessment for your insurance policy.

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Secure your investment with the right flood insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive solutions for commercial property owners.

To discuss your insurance needs please call today on 0113 3904646, or visit our Contact Us page.

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