Nightclub Insurance

It’s vital that your nightclub has the appropriate insurance for any eventuality. Due to the nature of the venue it is possible that accidents and incidents can occur. Therefore, it’s important that you seek the expertise of a specialist provider of nightclub insurance. This way your property, customers, staff and more are covered.

Our specialist team can run through your requirements and arrange the correct insurance for your specific needs. Simply call our team on 0113 390 46 46 to find out more.

Our tailored approach to insurance means we will work closely with you, so we get to know your business and its unique requirements. This way you can ensure you have the right insurance for your nightclub.

Specialist nightclub insurance will cover your venue for the following:

  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Legal expenses
  • Specialist cover for content, stock, fixtures and fittings, lighting, sound equipment and cash

If you own the building, we can also provide comprehensive cover for the property.

Protect your venue

It is not uncommon for slips and falls to occur in nightclubs and other late-night entertainment venues. Subsequently, it is vital you have the necessary insurance to protect customers and members of staff.

The team at Edison Ives provide essential cover to cater for accidents and incidents that may take place at the venue.

Protect your alcohol license

Unfortunately, circumstances can arise that leads to nightclubs and other venues losing their license to sell alcohol. Should this situation arise at your venue, we can insure your business against the loss of its alcohol license.

Years of experience

Our team have years of experience in insuring nightclubs. As a result, we have access to specialist ‘broker only’ markets. Rather than placing your requirements with an insurer that doesn’t understand the needs and complexities of your industry, we only use brokers that are fully conversant with nightclub insurance.

We don’t just provide insurance for nightclubs, we can insure wine bars, public houses, snooker clubs, strip clubs and much more.

To find out more and to speak with one of our friendly advisors about specialist nightclub insurance, please contact us on 0113 390 46 46. Alternatively, complete the form below and a member of our team will call you back and discuss your requirements.

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