Cyber Liability & Crime

Larger organisations dominate the press when it comes to suffering cyber crime but small businesses are increasingly becoming the target of sophisticated cyber criminals. According to data compiled by the insurance company Zurich, 875,000 small businesses across the UK have been affected by a cyber attack over the last 12 months, with the average cost of a cyber attack costing £10,000. As a small business owner would you know where to go if you suffered an attack?

A cyber incident doesn’t only lead to to theft of money, data or goods, it can also lead to business interruption costs and damage to your reputation to your company/brand.

But, despite the losses, many small businesses aren’t investing in cyber protection or cyber and crime insurance. We recommend that if you do not have either in place you call us and we will be happy to assist.

In terms of having a robust IT process, we recommend as a minimum – 

  • Using a firewall on your computer network.
  • Encrypting all sensitive data.
  • Keeping your software updated.
  • Use up to date antivirus software.
  • Avoid using easy to guess passwords.
  • Discourage staff from bringing in their own devices.
  • Backup your data on a regular basis.
  • Delete suspicious emails without reading them.
  • Be wary of clicking on links in emails.
  • Test your website for any vulnerabilities.
  • Use a shredder and securely dispose of documents.
  • Securely dispose of old laptops, mobile phones etc.
  • Secure portable devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and USB memory sticks.
  • Set up and introduce a cyber incident response plan.

Speak to us about a Cyber Crime insurance policy 

We have access to a number of specialist cyber crime insurance policies that have been specifically designed for small businesses. They provide comprehensive insurance cover and rapid response services to assist you and get you back up and running in the event of a cyber incident. Call us today to find out more.

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