Flood prevention advice

Flood prevention advice…

Depending on you location it may prove impossible to completely flood-proof your business but there are a number of things that you can do to proactively mitigate the costs, reduce the damage, and reduce your financial exposure.The first step is to identify if you are in a flood risk area and register for warnings if you are. You can do this by clicking here.

There are also a number of measure you can take; such as:

  • Use /install flood barriers/defences at vulnerable points.
  • Use sandbags or similar products for emergency protection.
  • Air brick covers can be fitted should the water risk rise and then be removed once it has passed.
  • Arrange for non return valves to be installed in your drainage systems – This will prevent water backing up into the property.
  • Pump and sump systems can also be hired to mitigate damage if the water enters your property

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